Sermon Sunday August 27, 2017

Title: Training in Godliness:  Head, Heart, Hand 1 Timothy 4.6-16

Speaker: Frank V. Ellis

Series: Head, Heart, Hand

August 27 Sermon Notes


  1. Pray together asking the Lord to teach us together His Word that we might believe it and do it.
  2. Ask group members to share a something good that happened since you were last together.
  3. Ask group members to share something not so good or less than good that has happened since you were last together.
  4. Ask group members who are willing to share a description of their present “diet” and “exercise” regimens.
  5. Ask someone to read 1 Timothy 4.6-10 out loud as the group listens.
  6. Identify in verse 6 what a Christian’s diet should include. [Note that the word “training” in the ESV is better translated, “constantly nourished” in more literal translations such as the NASB.
  7. What challenges do members struggle with that keep them from having a daily time of “Bible Intake” into their lives and routine?
  8. Can anyone identify an “Irreverent, silly myth” (verse 7) that they have seen other believers get caught up in? themselves?
  9. The word “train” in verse 7 is the greek root word for gymnasium. It literally means to “train naked” which was the pattern in the first century world of athletes. It was to lay outside everything and be disciplined in training conditioning your body for sport. What does Paul say we are to discipline ourselves for in verse 7?
  10. Does Paul say bodily health and discipline is useless? Why is training in godliness better?
  11. What time do you get up in the morning? Go to bed in the evening? How much television time? How do those questions strike your heart when you think of Paul’s words?
  12. Note the words “toil and strive” in verse 10. Christians toil and strive for the things of God. Compare a legalistic approach versus a disciplined grace filled approach.
  13. How does having our “hope set on the living God” make all this possible?