Where Is Your Campus?
We are located on 58th Avenue (Kings Highway) just north of the Indian River Mall. Actual address is 3235 58th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32966.

How Can I Contact You?
Our office phone is: 772.567.5850
You can email us: office@kingsbaptist.org

How Should I Dress?
Comfortably and modestly. Some of us are very casual, this is Florida after all. Some like to “dress up” on Sunday mornings. It’s not a big deal either way.

What’s Your “Style” of Worship?
To tell you the truth, our biggest concern is that our worship is genuine and pleasing to God. We are thankful for hundreds of years of Christian songs and hymns which are skillfully blended with the many new doctrinally rich songs of faith. We sing loud and with heart. We have a worship band and growing orchestra. We want our children to learn the great hymns of the faith and we want to keep learning and singing the new songs God is giving His church.

We like to make sure that parts of the service are aimed directly at the kids. You can expect teaching and preaching that is hard hitting, hopefully interesting, and Biblical. Most of our pastor’s sermons are expository.

What’s Your “Strategy”?
We are trying to move with God. He saves people which is more than just getting us to heaven. He’s shaping us into people like His Son Jesus. So we are about helping people become all God has called and saved them to be.

Check out our Plan, Purpose and Power Page.

What Do You Believe?
The Bible is our final authority. Every teaching, sermon, position and decision is tested by that.

Check out our we believe page for a list of important biblical truths which we affirm.

How Do I Join?
Our Pastor has a supper once a month for people interested in membership. He and some of our other leaders share the message of the gospel, the basic practices and lifestyle of New Testament Christians, our strategy and core convictions. He can also answer the particular questions you have about the church. You must attend this meeting to become a member but attending does not obligate you to join. It’s a fun full evening. To make your reservation call the church office, 772.567-5850.

What Does It Mean That You are Baptist?
That’s a big question. The short answer is it means we take the Bible as God’s Word and we are serious about studying and living it. We are very thankful for and work with a lot of other Great Commission Christians who share the core Christian teachings of the gospel. We are working to tell everyone the good news of salvation. We encourage our people to share their faith.
To be a Baptist means we are big on freedom and liberty. We’re passionate about sharing the story of Jesus but we also believe His desire is for everyone to have the freedom to make their own choice, and to face the consequences that freedom provides.
We own the building. That is while we work with other Southern Baptist churches and agencies, we call the shots.

It’s right to say Southern Baptists are a very “undenominational denomination”. All the authority flows from the churches up. The bottom line is we are responsible for praying and working together to hear God’s will for His church and to follow it. Our goal is to make sure that in fact we are hearing Him and He is calling the shots.

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