King’s Story

Over fifty years ago King’s Baptist Church was launched as a new church in the “far western reaches” of Vero Beach on King’s Avenue. Hard working, radically saved followers of Christ came together in God’s providence and grace, determined to live out the new life they had found in Jesus Christ and to share that good news with everyone they could.

These hardy pioneers determined that Baptist was the flavor of Christian church they should be.  This meant . . .

They were children of God for no other reason than God’s grace.

Their life would be built on, tested by  and committed to the only reliable and  unchanging  source of truth in life; the Bible, those sixty-six books making up the Old and New Testaments of THE BOOK!

They would be responsible directly to God through Christ. No two tiered faith. Every member a minister and a priest with direct access to God and His word.

They would be dependent. First on the Lord but also on one another. We get saved into a family of faith and need that family to be whole.

They would work with other Christians and churches. From the beginning they have freely aligned themselves with the cooperative work of other Southern Baptist churches to do together many things no single church could do alone.

Over these years, there have been many dark and stormy nights and glorious days of light. God has been faithful and by His grace still allows this part of His body the privilege to continue to share the one and only message that offers hope and life to humanity, the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are invited to join in the story.

Our Church Staff