She Rose and Began to Serve (Matthew 8:14-17)

Frank EllisFrank Ellis, 2017/02/12
Part of the Matthew 8 - 9 series, preached at a 10:30 Sunday Service service


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Matthew 8:14-17

14 And when Jesus entered Peter's house, he saw his mother-in-law lying sick with a fever. 15 He touched her hand, and the fever left her, and she rose and began to serve him. 16 That evening they brought to him many who were oppressed by demons, and he cast out the spirits with a word and healed all who were sick. 17 This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah: “He took our illnesses and bore our diseases.” (ESV)

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Healing of Peter's mother-in-law

Matthew 8.14-17 tells us of Jesus’ healing of Peter’s mother in law.

Let me tease you with you a little about it. It is the third healing in this section and Matthew includes it here for an important reason.
  • Something we take for granted, or at least use to.
  • Something we assume other religious systems teach but in fact most don’t.
He follows with a report of what took place right after healing Peter’s mother-in-law (some interesting things to note about her and her daughter) by describing another large crowd and many healings. He then gives the reason Jesus did this.
That reason addresses the issue we cannot help but think about as we read about our Savior’s amazing deeds 2,000 years ago. Why doesn’t He heal like that today?
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Pastor Frank


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