WELCOME. Good News For Us All



There is good news. Despite all the brokenness and unfairness that comes with living in this world, there is hope and help available from Someone who will not fail.

God created all that we have. Sorrowfully, we have all participated and contributed to the messes of life. We are sinners, rebels against the One to Whom we owe everything.

But the good news is He still loves us. He loves us so much He has given His own Son to take the judgment we deserve. As we receive this free gift, we also receive Him. And while He promises heaven, right now is not it. Now He brings heaven into our lives, truth into our confusion, and purpose into every day and problem we face.

There is nothing more fulfilling and eternally more wonderful than to know, love and find your delight in the living God through His Son Jesus Christ.

We are a fellowship of people built around this good news. We would love for you to join us in the adventure.