Bible Fellowship Groups

We refer to our small groups as

Bible Fellowships.

We believe that the church is strongest when we have large group worship and teaching and small group fellowship and discipleship.
The name “Bible Fellowship Groups” defines this ministry.

  1. We use the Bible as our source for teaching. Each group strives to motivate people to look directly into God‘s Word for truth.
  2. “Fellowship” happens in the groups. The Biblical word for fellowship emphasizes prayer, caring and sharing centered on our relationship with God.
  3. “Groups” indicates a select number of people who is big enough to create excitement and small enough to support openness and accountability.

To fulfill this vision we have some groups that are well-defined; similar ages or stages of life and other groups that are more loosely defined with the focus being more on the topic of study than the particular people you are with.
King’s has these groups mostly on Sunday morning but many groups meet at different times throughout the week.

Adult group Directory 2017


30’s-50’s Women    ♦ Room 107
Adults                             ♦ Room 109
55+ Coed                      ♦ Room 213
55+ Coed                      ♦ Room 300
55+ Coed                      ♦ Room 301/302
30’s-60’s                       ♦ Steve Lewis
College Career                       ♦ Room 107
Middle Age Interactive     ♦ Room 109
Young Married                       ♦ Room 213
40’s Coed                                  ♦ Room 301/302
30’s-50’s Coed                       ♦ Room 401
55+ Coed                                   ♦ Room 500

Monday  9.00am

College/Career   ♦  Meet at Residence


Mixed Ages           ♦ Room 301/302
Men                           ♦ Room 401
Children’s Bible Fellowship Groups

Student Bible Fellowship Group