Say The Word Matthew 8 and 9


5 Matthew 8.5-13 Only Say The Word
12 Matthew 8.13-17 The Word Fulfilled
19 Matthew 8.18-22 Hard Words
26 Matthew 8.23-27 Calming Words


5 Matthew 8.28-34 A Word With Demons
12 Matthew 9.1-8 Forgiving Words
19 Matthew 9.9-13 Words For Sinners Who Know and Those Who Don’t
26 Matthew 9.14-17 Words About New Wine


2 Matthew 9.18-34 Words For Desperate Women and Men
9 Palm Sunday Matthew 21.1-17 Words From Children’s Mouths
16 Easter Matthew 27.45-Matthew 28.10 Word of Victorious Defeat

2017 Church Budget

Our 2017 church budget was approved at Church Conference,  Sunday, January 29.  The total giving required to fully fund this budget is, $859,214.00. Our giving together will have  to increase over our actual 2016 general budget gifts by $51,000 to meet this budget.

Our people’s faithful giving  through our budget enables us to:

  • Have buildings. (used 7 days a week in an amazing number of ways to advance the truth of God’s word and His Kingdom)
  • Have a staff that can serve to give leadership to our ministries.
  • Have programs that focus on everyone from babies to the most senior of our members.
  • Have opportunities to minister to thousands of people in our community as we share the gospel and meet needs.
  • Have an impact for the gospel that literally touches all of Florida, our country, (North American Mission Board and six seminaries) and the ends of the earth, (International Mission Board). We do this through our support from our budget to the Cooperative Program. We are by far the largest contributing church to the Cooperative Program in our three county area.
  • In addition we support Missionary Flights International and Jesus in Haiti. We support our members to enable them to travel to Cuba, Haiti and to poor neighborhoods in South Carolina where they serve hurting people and share the gospel.
  • To provide payment of the debt our church took to build our worship center. (We rejoice that it now seems almost certain we can be debt free by the end of 2017, which will free up $120,000 each year for further ministry and Kingdom work.)
    We ask each of you to prayerfully consider what part you can play in carrying out the work of Christ in and through God’s people at King’s.