Barnabas Ministries

KING’S KUBBARD Coordinator

• Dan Marckel  772.473.4953

Co-Coordinator•Lisa Marckel 772.569.5384

GOAL To provide an outlet of service for Church members, their family and friends to show God’s love by providing food as needed.

SERVICES This ministry is funded totally by contributions of food and money from our Church family.

Volunteers place and pick up the contribution baskets every other Sunday. These baskets are placed at the entrance to our Sanctuary and the breezeway to the Bible Study rooms. Volunteers check food dates and re-stock the shelves. Volunteers shop for perishable food on Thursday/Friday prior to Food Sunday. They package the food and store it in the freezer or refrigerator.

On food Sunday, volunteers fill the lists of our receipients and distribute the food. Volunteers pick up the donated bakery goods every other Saturday and Sunday at Publix between 7 and 7:30 am. (Food Sunday weekend) Reminder signs to bring food are placed at both parking lot entrances and in front of santcuary on Food Sundays at 8am. Must be retrieved after Church.

Help with any special drives such as Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets